InfraTech: Preparing for the mainstream

9 October 2019

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From roads and airports, to wind farms and the grid – the boom in data and digital technologies is driving disruption across the infrastructure space. Join business leaders in London for a day of discussion and networking at the industry's preeminent tech event.


Welcome to InfraTech 2019

Innovation has ushered in the era of InfraTech – the next generation of global infrastructure which will radically reshape our experience of transport, energy and communication.
We are on the cusp of a new age of self-driving cars, vehicle-to-grid systems, hyperloop travel and drone delivery. All these technologies are underpinned by less visible but similarly far-reaching digital innovations in big data, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence. Along with the challenges, InfraTech brings a host of opportunities.
Digital Infrastructure

Broadband / 5G / AI / Big Data / Internet of Things / Digital Twin / Blockchain / Data Centres / BIM


Smart Meters / Smart Grids / Energy Trading / Environmental Monitoring / Prosumers

Smart mobility

Smart Roads / Mobility as a service / Connected Vehicles / LIDAR / Autonomous Vehicles / Hyperloop / Drones

Who should attend?

• Investors, fund managers, limited partners
• Infrastructure and energy contractors
• Growth-stage tech companies
• Data services providers
• Mobility and transportation industry
• Corporate deal advisers - legal, financial and technical
• Public sector leaders


• Existing assets, new opportunities and risks
• Digital twins
• 5G connectivity
• Smart mobility
• Growth-stage investments
• Data centres


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